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The fashion industry has a long-standing history as being one of the most successful, albeit complicated trades ever to be seen by the world. Fashion has existed for centuries at this point. Ever since people have been able to make cohesive decisions, they’ve made fashion choices.

Today, it’s essential to know that fashion in itself isn’t predetermined. As in, it’s mainly subjective to how one views it. Hence, your fashion choices can completely differ from the next persons, and that’s pretty normal.

This is not to be confused with trends. When we think of what’s trending or the latest inspiration, we’re mainly referring to what the big names in the industry would consider fashionable. Again, at the heart of all of this, fashion is subjective.

Outfit of the Day, What to Wear and What to Avoid

By all accounts, you are the sole person whose opinion should matter when it comes to what to wear. However, there are a lot of grey areas in the sense that there might be pairing or matching schemes that one might be oblivious to.

In such cases, it would only make sense to take inspiration or advice. Likewise, there are many instances where you’re going out for an event and need to dress accordingly.

Again, this is where you need to make conscious decisions over what to wear and whatnot. Not solely based on what you want to wear.

Finding the Right Outfit for Your Body Type

What do we mean when we refer to your body type? Put, the natural silhouette of your body confers to your body type. For example, based upon the overall dimensions of your entity; bust, hips, shoulders, and waist, people can make concurrent assumptions about your body type.

By no means does this mean that your body dimensions have to be precisely the same as another person’s for the two of you to fall within the same body type category.

Naturally, sizes vary. Body type isn’t a measure of how skinny or how healthy a person is. Instead, it is an assessment of how your body falls in terms of proportionality.

Dressing for Your Body Type

Apply Body Type

An apple body type is one where you’re more heavy-set in your upper body right down to your mid-riff with a skinnier lower body.

In such cases, it would only make sense for you to accentuate parts of your body that would look much more flattering. In this case, you would want attention to deviate from your mid-riff. Hence, going with loose-fitting tops and flared pants is a gold standard for an apple body type.

Pear Body Type

Slowly gaining popularity due to celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, the pear body type is one where your upper body is generally less bulky than your lower body.

The parts of your body that you would want to accentuate would be your upper half, as well as your lower back. Careful consideration is done to avoid bringing too much attention to your hips.

Hence, avoid wearing tight jeans or tights in general as well as skin-tight tops. Instead, opt for something much more form-fitting such as dresses or skirts.

Rectangular Body Type

This is a much more proportionate body type in comparison to the first two. Generally, your upper and lower half is the same when it comes to proportions.

Hence, to dress to impress, you would want to bring out a bit more of a figure. Try to avoid baggy clothes as much as possible and instead opt for something more skin-tight and form-fitting.

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