Let’s go through a scenario here: You’re supposed to go out in a little bit and have everything ready from your makeup to your shoes. The only thing that’s left is to pick out an outfit from your wardrobe that would look beautiful for the occasion.

If you’re anything like more than a million people on the fact of the planet (and we’re guessing that you are), you are then deciding on what to wear can be straight-up agonizing. It isn’t the sole fact that someone’s picky or not. It has way less to do with that than people assume.

What it has to do much more with is the person. If you’ve put in the effort, you would want that effort to pull through in every way. Hence, having a dress let you down can be a real bummer.

Dress to Impress

Have you ever heard of the term mentioned above? The odds are that you have. It’s not only been a famous motto used by designers when promoting their new line. It might just as well be a piece of life advice.

The term ‘Dress to Impress’ refers to being able to style yourself in a way that would have heads turn everywhere that you go. Hey, you put in enough effort to look gorgeous – the world should appreciate it!

Jumpsuits: Shiver to Strike A Pose?

When it comes to something in the fashion industry that has made a statement predominantly in recent times, the one thing that comes to mind is the classic jumpsuit.

A jumpsuit is something that can both make or break your look, depending upon how you’ve chosen to style it. For many people, a jumpsuit would be the absolute last thing that they reach for in their closet. For others, it’s the first. What makes the difference? The way a person wears it.

Styling a Jumpsuit

As with any other form of clothing, jumpsuits can also come in several styles, and it depends upon person to person how they wish to carry that style.

When it comes to jumpsuits, the basic outline of one might be straightforward: wide-legged and short topped. However, of interest when it comes to fashionable jumpsuits is the fact that nearly all of them have an accentuated waistline.

Wear Accessories

Have a monotone jumpsuit or one with a pop of colour? Wear a statement piece in the form of either a necklace or earrings that would bring your whole look together.
Most people tend to go for a more monotone type of a jumpsuit and in particular, anything that’s either black or white if you’re like most people, that we’d suggest that you combine your outfit with accessories that have a bit more of colour to them.

Wear a belt

I know, I know. We mentioned above how a characteristic of most jumpsuits is the fact that the waist is accentuated, then why pair your look with a belt?

Well, the simple fact is that the more accentuated the waist is, the better. The truth is that since a jumpsuit is mostly baggy if you highlight a specific part of your body, it would look even better.

Opt for the belt that contrasts with the colour scheme of your overall jumpsuit to add more attention.

Dressing for your height

While jumpsuits might come in a general pattern, there is an overall difference between the lengths of it. For example, if you’re someone with short stature of if you’re more petite.

Don’t go for something that would ultimately engulf you. Instead, go for something with much less fabric around the knees and legs. That way, you’d look taller too.

Heels are a golden standard

When it comes to jumpsuits, you should look for something that would have more height with the jumpsuit to reveal your legs a bit.

In this case, heels are pretty much a gold standard.

Liena—The Ultimate Fashion Solution

If there’s a one shop stop for anything remotely related to women’s fashion, in this case, women’s jumpsuits, then Liena is your pick.

Want to buy jumpsuits? Browse through our extensive collection that features style inspirations from several different eras and looks.

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